Community Engaged Migrant Health Research


The Community Engaged Migrant Health Research Lab’s (CEMiHR) vision is to enrich the lived experiences of migrants through innovative community collaborations and research that enhance their quality of life, social infrastructure, and optimal health. CEMiHR is committed to addressing and reducing the impact of health disparities among migrant communities through disseminating effective individual, family, and community-level interventions.

*Migrant – “An umbrella term, not defined under international law, reflecting the common lay understanding of a person who moves away from his or her place of usual residence, whether within a country or across an international border, temporarily or permanently, and for a variety of reasons” (International Organization for Migration).


CEMiHR provides a space for migrant health researchers to collaborate to address social determinants of health, and eliminate health disparities by leveraging the resources available from diverse institutions and community agencies. 

CEMiHR fosters innovative community collaborations and initiates partnerships to achieve equitable health environments, where all individuals and communities have the opportunity to achieve and maintain good health.​​

CEMiHR seeks to design, develop, implement, evaluate, and coordinate evidence-based, culturally appropriate individual, family, and community-level interventions that address migrants’ multidimensional needs, changes, and complexities.

CEMiHR promotes and supports the training of a diverse research workforce by offering valuable local, national, and international learning experiences to help them maximize their performance and achieve their full potential in migrant health research.